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The wedding planning process can be daunting. At The Flower Garden Shop, we want you to feel supported. We've laid out the wedding flower process below to give you an idea what's in store. If you have any questions, we're just a call away.

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Step 1

Take a look around. The Packages, and Lookbook will give you a feel for our style and general pricing information. 

Step 2

Gather any inspiration you've collected (sharing your Pinterest board is extremely helpful.), and fill out the questionnaire. Included are questions about the couple, and the details of the big day, to ensure that your quote and proposal match your vision. This information will be used to create your price quote and first proposal.

Step 3

The first proposal will include visuals of the flowers, colors, and style you're going for, and a breakdown of the quote. If we decide to move forward, we complete the contract, and the deposit is made. The deposit is generally 60% of the quote. (Sometimes adjusted for special out of season flowers, etc.) I will then begin working on the second, more detailed draft of the proposal. 


I'll continue work on the behind-the-scenes production, and we will stay in touch periodically throughout the process as needed. About a month before the big day, we will touch base, and I will finalize the flower and vase order with our wholesaler. This is when the final payment is due and adjusted based on the wholesale order and first payment. 

Big Day

The week before the ceremony is when the fun really begins on our end. We start to process flowers, getting them ready for optimum bloom. We make many of the arrangements that are portable a day or two before so that we can transport them to your venue. If you have bigger pieces and installments, we will arrive as early as possible day-of (coordinating with wedding planners and vendors), to set up and put larger pieces together. If you have arrangements that will go from ceremony to reception, we can help with the transition. At the end of your day, there are different options for clean up: If you decide to purchase vases and glassware, the flowers make perfect gifts for your guests, or if you rent and want us to clean up and donate the flowers, we're happy to arrange that! 

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