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Choosing the Perfect Blooms for your Wedding: A Seasonal Flower Guide

For couples looking to tie the knot surrounded by blooms that are in season, we've created a list of our favorite flowers to help guide you through this journey. Let's explore the blossoms that will add charm and elegance to your special day!

January: Snowdrops and Camellias

Dusty pink camellia flowers on a branch.

Start your year with the delicate beauty of snowdrops and the rich hues of camellias. These winter blooms symbolize purity and admiration, making them perfect choices for a romantic winter wedding.

February: Tulips and Ranunculus

Full, lush double tulips in a clear vase on a white surface besides a mid-century clear ribbed votive.

Anastasia Lysiak

As love fills the air in February, adorn your wedding with vibrant tulips and enchanting ranunculus. These flowers represent anticipation and anticipation, adding a pop of color to your celebration.

March: Daffodils and Hyacinths

Blue hyacinths, daffodils with orange centers, white ranunculus, and white tulips in a white pitcher vase in front of a white background

Evie Fjord

Welcome the arrival of spring with bright daffodils and fragrant hyacinths. These blossoms symbolize new beginnings and rebirth, aligning perfectly with the spirit of your union.

April: Peonies and Cherry Blossoms

Pink peonies and seeded eucalyptus in a mercury glass low vase.

Bonnie Kittle

Embrace the beauty of April with lush peonies and ethereal cherry blossoms. These flowers exude romance and grace, creating a whimsical ambiance for your springtime wedding.

May: Roses and Lilacs

Pink and peach garden roses in a clear vase.

Larisa Birta

In May, celebrate your love with classic roses and fragrant lilacs. These timeless blooms represent love and passion, casting a spell of elegance over your special day. Even if the classic rose isn't really your style, there are tons of garden varieties that give a full, lush texture to an arrangement.

June: Lavender and Delphiniums

Dried lavender and votive table setting.

As summer approaches, adorn your wedding with the calming scent of lavender and the delicate hues of delphiniums. These flowers evoke tranquility and serenity, setting the stage for a serene summer celebration.

July: Sunflowers and Larkspur

Sunflowers and lisianthus in a white vase on a stool in front of a white background.

Hanae Dan

Bask in the warmth of July with cheerful sunflowers and majestic larkspur. These blooms radiate joy and positivity, infusing your wedding with a sunny disposition.

August: Dahlias and Gladiolus

Dahlia and pampas grass in bud vases decorating the center of a banquet table.

White dahlias in 2 bud vases on a trunk.

Janine Joles

August calls for the bold beauty of dahlias and the striking appearance of gladiolus. These flowers symbolize strength and resilience, making them the perfect choice for a late summer wedding.

September: Cosmos and Orchids

A field full of white and pink cosmo flowers and half the arm of a person enjoying the flowers.

In September, indulge in the exotic allure of orchids and the vibrant charm of zinnias. These blooms embody luxury and sophistication, adding an air of opulence to your fall wedding.

October: Chrysanthemums and Marigolds

Fully, fluffy white chrysanthemum in front of an orange background.

Anca Gabriela Zosin

Embrace the autumnal spirit with the rich colors of chrysanthemums and the warmth of marigolds. These flowers symbolize longevity and happiness, making them ideal choices for an October celebration.

November: Calla Lilies and Proteas

A table runner floral arrangement for the center of a banquet table made with protea, hydrangeas, dried elements, and eucalyptus.

Silvia Mara

A bunch of greenery next to a bunch of cut red protea flowers.

Helvi Kaulinge

As the year draws to a close, revel in the elegance of calla lilies and the unique beauty of proteas. These blooms represent strength and transformation, adding a touch of allure to your November wedding.

December: Anemone and Holly

Several red anemone flowers and a single forsythia branch sitting in a small white greek-style urn.

Katy A

End the year with the festive charm of anemone and the traditional appeal of holly. These winter blooms evoke holiday cheer and goodwill, creating a merry atmosphere for your December wedding.

From the enchanting blooms of January to the festive flowers of December, each month offers a unique selection of florals to elevate your wedding decor. Let this floral calendar inspire you as you embark on the journey towards your special day, surrounded by the beauty and magic of seasonal flowers. Happy planning, lovebirds! Schedule your free consultation today, or submit our questionnaire to receive a complementary, personalized price quote and design proposal.

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