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Preserving the Beauty: Flower Preservation Techniques for Your Special Day

Planning a wedding? Learn how to preserve your flowers for lasting memories.

Bride with long dark hair stands in an amaranth field with her bouquet.

Brayden Prato

Before diving into preservation techniques, the first step is to choose the perfect blooms that will adorn your wedding venue. Whether you opt for classic roses, ethereal peonies, or whimsical wildflowers, selecting high-quality, fresh flowers is the key to successful preservation. Collaborating with a luxury wedding florist who specializes in creating timeless arrangements will ensure that your blooms are not only visually stunning but also ideal for preservation.

One of the most popular methods of preserving wedding flowers is drying them. There are various techniques you can explore to achieve beautifully preserved blooms:

  • Air Drying : This traditional method involves hanging flowers upside down in a dark, dry place for several weeks. The petals gradually dry out, preserving their shape and giving them an antiqued look.

  • Silica Gel : Using silica gel to dry flowers is a more modern approach that helps retain the flowers' original shape and color. Simply bury your blooms in the gel in a container with a lid and wait for a few days to enjoy perfectly preserved flowers.

Pressing Flowers

Pressing flowers is a delicate and time-honored technique that results in charming pressed floral art. To press your wedding blooms, all you need is parchment paper, heavy books, and patience! Place your flowers between sheets of parchment paper, stack heavy books on top, and let time work its magic. Once pressed, your flowers can be framed or incorporated into various DIY projects, serving as a whimsical keepsake from your special day.


For couples looking to preserve their wedding flowers in a more contemporary and elegant way, resin preservation is an ideal choice. By encasing your blooms in resin, you can create stunning, long-lasting keepsakes such as jewelry, paperweights, or decorative pieces. Consulting with a sustainable wedding florist who specializes in resin preservation will ensure that your floral keepsakes are crafted with expertise and care.

While DIY flower preservation can be a fun project, entrusting the task to a professional wedding florist near you can ensure optimal results. Ask about floral preservation in your consultation or when filling out our questionnaire.

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